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Make legal discovey requests instantly
with Doc-U-Buy.

A faster and more convenient
procedure in a paperless electronic format.

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Doc-U-Buy is a fast and convenient legal discovery processing system. Developed by a 30 year veteran of law experienced in handling criminal cases in the state, federal, municipal, civil and family courts. We can streamline your legal document processing today.

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Unlock the potential of electronic delivery in the pre-trial phase to obtain evidence from the opossing party including requests for answers to interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and requests for admissions and depositions.

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Provide discovery in criminal matters by delivering the exchange of information in a standarized electronic format. It starts with standardizing the electronic intake of requests, and manages the the process all the way through fulfillment.

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  • Instantly request discovery reports 
  • View complete status and history
  • Manage open and pending requests
  • Quickly access municipality price sheets
  • Secure/instant attorney validation
  • Credit/bank card processing
  • Communicate with opposing parties
  • Track legal discovery requests instantly
  • Document coordination/control
  • Requests comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOI)
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