An Easier, Faster, and Traceable Electronic Discovery Process for Attorneys.

Created by attorneys and a team of professionals, Doc-U-Buy affords attorneys  the easy option of electronically requesting and obtaining legal discovery from local municipal courts.

The current process of requesting legal documents through municipal court by sending a letter to the Court Clerk, and then waiting a week or at times longer can be time consuming and often frustrating, especially for attorneys with a very busy schedule and caseload.

Doc-U-Buy changes the process in which attorneys in New Jersey can now obtain legal forms from municipal courts in three very simple steps!

Step 1

Register with Doc-U-Buy and create your free attorney profile.

Step 2

Next request legal discovery electronically from local municipal courts through Doc-U-Buy.

Step 3

Municipal court staff receives your request, and releases requested legal discovery electronically in a timely and efficient manner directly to attorney’s inbox.

Doc-U-Buy is that easy! You never have to leave the comfort of your office.

Doc-u-Buy additionally offers the following for attorneys requesting legal discovery from local municipal courts:

  • Attorneys have the ability and access to request legal discovery 24/7.

  • The ability to retrieve discovery documents 24/7.

  • Instead of checks and money orders processed to municipal courts, attorneys now have the ability to use credit cards.

  • All requests to municipal courts are traceable, and can be printed out for attorney and client records.

  • Faster return times on discovery documents from municipal courts.

  • Attorneys have the ability to communicate electronically through Doc-U-Buy’s attorney profile with New Jersey Municipal Courts in regards to requesting legal discovery and following up on requests.

Completing your attorney profile is free and takes only a few minutes. 

To get started with Doc-u-Buy today, click here! Register Now »