The Smarter & Faster Way for Management of Legal Documents

Created by attorneys and a team of professionals, Doc-U-Buy affords New Jersey municipal courts with the easy option of receiving, processing, tracking and streamlining legal discovery information and legal discovery requests.

Municipal court staffs are often overwhelmed with discovery requests from attorneys, tracking legal documents such as requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and more. Doc-U-Buy was created with these very demands in mind.

Doc-U-Buy changes the process in which New Jersey municipal courts respond to legal discovery requests, making the process easier, faster, and traceable while still maintaining the ability to provide great customer service.

Via Doc-U-Buy, New Jersey municipal courts can now accomplish the following.

  • Receive legal discovery requests from attorneys electronically.

  • Process payments thru credit cards electronically.

  • Communicate with parties requesting legal discovery electronically thru Doc-U-Buy.

  • Track all discovery legal discovery requests electronically, including requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

  • Respond to all discovery requests electronically via Doc-U-Buy.

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